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What People Are Saying About Hollis

"Having Hollis as a personal yoga trainer is the greatest of luxuries, although I no longer think of it as a luxury. What started as a single shot "refresher lesson" at home before for taking one of Hollis's regular group classes has turned into a weekly session. That was more than a year ago. Hollis knows what his clients need and has built a program of stretching, balance, and general strength specifically for me around a yoga format. He is demanding (enough so that I feel I'm getting my money's worth), encouraging, engaging, and focused. What once was an indulgence has become fully justified by the results."

George B.

"Hollis is an outstanding yoga teacher. His spirit is infectious and you can't help but smile in his presence. He cares about all of his students and is completely committed to all of us being our best selves. I look forward to Hollis' class every week and always leave feeling stronger and more centered than when I walked in. Whether one on one or in a group, Hollis understands my physical limitations and is always able to provide an accommodation, although I find them a lot less necessary during his classes. With Hollis, anything is possible!"

Rebecca N.

"'Howdy Yogis!'

With these words, accompanied by an enormous warm and sparkling energy Hollis enters the room and the magic begins.

The way Hollis introduces the most challenging poses, just by breaking them down and then rebuild them playfully but oh so skilled and precise, is simply magic.
He never misses an opportunity to help his students grow as a yogi and as a human being.
He is a master at creating a safe, trusting and creative environment where hard work and lots of fun go hand in hand.
I am very lucky and grateful to have Hollis as one of my teachers."
Carla V.

"Hollis, we met in February of 2012, when I did a few private classes testing myself to see if I could do and like yoga. I was petrified and nervous for my first class and you were able to calm me rather quickly and get me motivated and curious of yoga. My goals were to stretch, increase my flexibility, and improve my overall health. Since then, I joined your group class and I have been consistent in my yoga practice. I owe this to you as you motivate me to be there. You are knowledgable, funny, caring and passionate about yoga. You carefully plan your class for us, and I notice that they are never the same. At the end of each class I feel lighter, rested and in peace with myself. I have achieved my main goals and I have lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. As an added bonus I have made good friends with other yogis who come to your classes. I am grateful for your knowledge and motivation. You have always been there for me."
Arnaldo G.

"When I first started working with Hollis privately, I wasn't sure what to expect. But within our first session, my awareness to my body completely changed for the better! Hollis is knowledgeable, personal, profession and makes learning yoga FUN!

I wholeheartedly recommend Hollis!"

Michael J.

"I like the fact that people of all ages come to Hollis' classes. I'm in my sixties, and the atmosphere and energy of his classes are great!  

Hollis, thanks for all you've done, and keep up the good work!"

Chris C.

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